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Workers on private or corporate farms and construction sites face a constant risk of injury from heavy machinery, grain bins, tractor rollovers, defective equipment, hazardous chemicals and dangerous places like grain silos and rooftops.  According to National Agriculture Statistics Service reports, there are more than 2 million farms in the United States. Farms vary greatly in their size and characteristics, from small, family-run farms, part-time retirement farms, to large production facilities with million dollar sales.

Agriculture is consistently one of the most hazardous industries, with farmers at increased risk for both fatal and nonfatal injuries.   In 2002 alone, 730 deaths and 150,000 disabling injuries occurred on U.S. farms.  Each day, about 500 agricultural workers suffer lost-time injuries, 25 of which result in permanent impairment. In a 1995 survey of the agricultural production industry, nearly 200,000 nonfatal lost-time work injuries were reported to have occurred on U.S. farms. Farm operators and their family members accounted for most of the injuries reported.

Leading causes of farm-related deaths include machinery, motor vehicles, electrocution, environmental hazards and falling objects. Tractors are the leading cause of death in agriculture. In an average year, 110 American farm workers are crushed to death by tractor rollovers.  Many farm machinery related accidents involve tractors that are not equipped with seat belts or ROPS systems.  These accidents may also involve having passengers on the tractor or having inexperienced or inadequate operators.

Serious farm injuries also result from failure to comply with OSHA safety regulations and failure to supply appropriate protective gear.  When farm workers are put in harms way because of inadequate safety measures, the injured agricultural worker may have a right to compensation for one’s injuries.  Litigation of an agricultural accident involving farm equipment including tractor accidents can be complex. Both personal injury and worker’s compensation law must be evaluated.  If the injured person is a farm employee, worker’s compensation may provide an exclusive remedy against one’s employer.  The advantage to pursuing a worker’s compensation claim is that there is no requirement to establish fault by the  employer.

Unfortunately, the compensation available from a worker’s compensation claim typically is far less than in a personal injury lawsuit.  See this blog article written by Funkenbusch for more information:   Farm Accident Information From A Missouri Workers Compensation Lawyer.

Many times a farm worker may suffer injury caused by multiple parties including other companies doing work on the property or the manufacturer of a defective piece of farm machinery.  Our experienced Missouri farm accident attorneys may be able to pursue a personal injury claim against these other parties to obtain additional compensation for your injuries.  Because tractor rollover accidents often result in catastrophic injuries, it is essential to pursue all avenues of compensation.

Our law firm represents those injured in all forms of motor vehicle accidents including tractor accidents.  If you or someone you love has suffered serious injuries or you have lost a loved one to wrongful death, Michelle M. Funkenbusch, an experienced tractor accident attorney may be able to help.  We urge you to call us today to learn about your rights and options.

Types of Farming Accident and Construction Equipment Injury cases we handle include:

  • Bulldozer Accidents
  • Bypass-Starting Accidents
  • Chemical Exposure
  • Chemical Products Liability
  • Combine Accidents
  • Dangerous Products
  • Equipment Design Defects
  • Farm Animal Accidents
  • Farm Machinery Accidents
  • Farming Equipment Injuries
  • Grain Bin Injuries
  • Grain Silo Explosions
  • Heavy Construction Equipment Injuries
  • Machine Malfunctions
  • Pesticide Litigation
  • Premises Liability
  • Propane Products Liability
  • Road-Grader or Scraper Accidents
  • Tractor Accidents
  • Well Accidents
  • Wrongful Death

If you or a loved one has been in a farming accident, it is best to talk with an attorney immediately. For a free initial consultation with a lawyer about your car accident, contact Missouri Farm Accident Lawyer Michelle M. Funkenbusch.

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