Seat Belt Failure



Seatbelts are the most effective car safety device in use. They save thousands of lives and prevent even more serious injuries every year. However, sometimes seatbelts fail due to mechanical failure or faulty design, leaving the user vulnerable to serious injuries or even death. You should be able to safely assume that your seatbelt will not fail, and should wear it every time you are in a vehicle. If your seatbelt has failed to protect you in an accident, Missouri  SeatBelt Failure Lawyer Michelle M. Funkenbusch; with more than 15 years experience helping accident victims in Missouri, can help you.

Accidents Caused by Defective Seatbelts

Proving that injuries were caused by product defects such as defective seatbelts can be difficult. That is why Missouri  SeatBelt Failure Lawyer Michelle M. Funkenbusch; begins every case with a thorough investigation of the facts and law involved to determine all possible causes of injuries.


Seatbelts sometimes can appear to be latched properly, but still come unlatched during a crash. Even if you hear the seatbelt click into place, the latch plate may not be properly engaged, allowing the buckle to become unlatched during an accident. Unlatching can result in the seatbelt wearer being injured by striking the windshield, steering wheel, or dashboard, or even ejected from the vehicle.

Torn Webbing

The material used to make seatbelts, called webbing, is designed to withstand great force during an accident. But if the webbing is old or damaged, it may not be able to withstand a crash and come apart. As with seatbelt unlatching, the torn webbing can make the seatbelt useless and result in the wearer being ejected from the car.

Retractor Failure

Seatbelts have retractors which are supposed to take up any loose slack in the belt to hold the wearer securely in place during an accident. If the retractor is not working properly, the extra slack can result in more serious injuries. Those extra few inches of slack can be especially dangerous for children and smaller adults.

It is recommended that children under 40 pounds be placed in safety seats. Children 40-80 pounds should use a belt-positioning booster seat that allows the seatbelt to be most effective. Also, children under 12 should always ride in the back seat, which is the safest part of the car.

If you think that a seatbelt defect may have caused or contributed to injuries in your car accident, it is best to talk with an attorney. For a free initial consultation with a lawyer about your car accident, contact Missouri  SeatBelt Failure Lawyer Michelle M. Funkenbusch.

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