Bicycle Accidents

“As an active cyclist and triathlete, it is my goal to zealously advocate for the rights of responsible and law-abiding cyclists on the road.  Not to do so, would be an injustice to the hundreds of amazing athletes I have met competing  and training over the last several years.” -Michelle  
In addition to representing cyclists who have been injured in collisions, Funkenbusch’s goal over the next decade is to educate the public at large and especially new drivers regarding sharing the road safely with the ever-expanding number of cyclists.  Through attending city council meetings and blogging during the months that St. Charles, Missouri proposed a ban on cyclists, Funkenbusch realized the public’s complete lack of education on the laws in effect and the need for attorneys who actively advocate on these issues.  Sharing the road and showing respect for both cars and bikes is imperative. Hopefully, with education, the road rage against cyclists and the frustrated bad attitudes of some cyclists against motor vehicles will decline.