Accidents in a Construction Zone


When an automobile accident occurs not because of a driver’s failure to pay attention, but because a construction zone was maintained in a confusing, counterintuitive or negligent manner, all the consumers injured in the accident will need a lawyer who has experience not only handling auto accident cases, but is also familiar with the standards and rules related to the flow of traffic through a construction zone.


Throughout the United States there are industry, state and federal standards, rules and regulations to make sure roadway construction zones are maintained in a manner that does not expose consumers to dangers that would not otherwise exist.  Specifically, there are Department of Transportation standards that relate to temporary roadway markings, the flow of traffic, drop-offs at the edge of the roadway and sight lines enacted because of the dangers construction zones routinely create.  Sometimes a contractor’s desire to quickly complete a particular project trumps its responsibility to make sure the construction zone is safe.  When this happens, the contractor (and all other entities involved in the construction project) must be held accountable for all the auto accidents it caused.


If you or someone you know was recently involved in an auto accident that occurred in a construction zone, they must act fast to hire a lawyer who will take the necessary steps to preserve all potential claims. Oftentimes the construction zone changes weekly, if not daily, so it is important to document the condition of the roadways when the accident occurred.  At the Law Offices of Michelle M. Funkenbusch, we understand these types of claims and stand ready to help investigate and prosecute cases involving construction zone auto accidents.

If you or your loved one has been injured in a construction zone accident, it is best to talk with an attorney. For a free initial consultation with a lawyer about your car accident, contact Missouri  Personal Injury and Construction Zone Accident Lawyer Michelle M. Funkenbusch.

For your convenience, home and hospital visits are available upon request.

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