Medical Payment Coverage

“Medical Payments” Insurance Coverage

You might have insurance in your own auto policy that may cover an accident regardless of whether you are at fault.

Medical payment insurance pays for your medical costs up to the limit stated in the insurance policy. It covers you or your family whether you are a rider or a pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle. Some policies also cover you when you are in someone else’s car. Passengers in your car also are covered. Medical payment insurance usually covers funeral expenses in connection with an automobile accident. However, some policies pay only the amount not covered by other collectible health or accident insurance. Check with Michelle M. Funkenbusch to determine if you have been in an auto accident.

What Is Covered By Medical Payments Insurance?

“Medical payments” insurance coverage, in your OWN auto insurance policy, simply means your auto insurance company will be responsible for “first party” medical expenses. In other words, if you are injured in a Missouri auto accident, your auto policy MAY cover your medical expenses… even if they are paid for by your health insurance and even if you get a check from the person who injured you in a car accident.

In a Missouri automobile accident where you are not at-fault, the other individual’s insurance company will become liable for your medical payments under the bodily injury provisions of their policy. In an accident in which there is no-fault, or you are “at-fault”, your personal health insurance company will manage these costs.  However, in Missouri, you can often “double-dip” if you have medical payments coverage.

Even if you have health insurance, there are often deductibles and co-payments that must be paid. If your health plan requires you to pay a deductible, medical payments coverage may help pay it. This coverage can also help pay for items not covered by your health plan, such as dental treatment, professional nursing services, prostheses, and funeral services.

Medical payments coverage is a nice supplement to your health insurance coverage for several reasons.  First of all, your health insurance might require you to repay them for what they have paid on your behalf.  In other words, your health insurance might pay your medical bills while the case is open, but they might be entitled to require you to repay them when your case is settled.  Medical payments coverage that is provided through a Missouri automobile insurance policy cannot require you to repay them for what they have paid.  Therefore, this results in more money in your pocket when your case settles.

Furthermore, medical payments coverage will pay close to 100% of any medical bill you submit to them, up to their policy limits.

Should I Buy Medical Payments Insurance Coverage?

As a general rule, I recommend always adding “medical payments” coverage  to an auto insurance policy, particularly when you, as the driver and holder of that policy, is currently lacking in health insurance. If you are one of the millions of Americans currently uninsured, adding this medical payments coverage to your auto insurance will ensure you have some degree of coverage for health expenses should you be involved in an auto accident.

Medical payment coverage is offered by most automobile insurance coverage and is usually sold in increments of $1000, $5000 or $10,000 per person.

Do I Have Medical Payments Insurance Coverage for a Car Accident I Was In?

A lawyer will have to review your insurance policy to determine coverage.  It is extremely important to contact a competent personal injury trial lawyer, like Michelle Funkenbusch, to discuss the possibilities of  a medical payments and/or auto accident case. If you do not seek proper medical attention and the competent counsel of a personal injury lawyer, you could be facing years of medical bills and pain… which could be prevented by calling NOW.   You cannot assume the insurance company is going to pay what you deserve; they rarely do.

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