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According to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) in 2009, there were 786 reported fatal crashes in Missouri with 878 fatalities. Of those fatal crashes 83 involved large trucks, 451 involved light trucks, 495 involved passenger cars, and 85 involved motorcycles.  Are you one of those victims??

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Michelle M. Funkenbusch, with 15 years experience in personal injury trial work, will work personally with each client to help them choose the best course of action for their auto accident injury.  She will personally evaluate each case according to key issues such as:

  • Degree of fault
  • Nature and extent of injury
  • Type of medical treatment required
  • Possibility of permanent disability
  • Other related factors

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For your convenience, home and hospital visits are available upon request.


PLEASE NOTE: What is said and done immediately after the accident can have a decisive effect on the outcome of an auto accident injury case. As experienced St. Louis auto accident lawyer, I believe that everyone should know what to do when an automobile collision occurs. Remember, what you say can be used against you, so:

  • Do not give a statement to the other driver’s insurance representative outside of the presence of your lawyer.
  • Do not accept settlement with the other driver’s insurance company without first consulting your lawyer.

Simple rules to ensure your claim can be made:

  • Promptly see a doctor or go to a hospital if you are injured.
  • Keep a disposable camera in the glove compartment of your car. Take photographs of your injuries, if possible while you are in the hospital as well as at home. (Although these are highly personal in nature, such photographs are true and accurate depictions of your condition, and are persuasive to a jury.)
  • Report the event to the police and to your own insurance company.
  • Record the name, address and telephone number of any witnesses.
  • Notify your place of employment if you are unable to work.


Michelle is devoted to helping individuals like you receive fair and appropriate compensation so that your future is more secure.  She has over a decade of experience in auto accident cases in Missouri. She has been involved with and can help you with the following types of cases:

Accidents in a Construction Zone
Bicycle Accidents
Boating Accidents
Bus and Taxi Accidents
Denied Insurance Claims
Drunk Driving Accidents
Failure to Yield Accidents
Head on Collisions
Medical Payment Coverage
Motorcycle Accidents
Pedestrian Accidents
Phantom Vehicles (cars that drive away)
Rear End Collisions
Tractor Trailer Accidents
Train Accidents
Railroad Crossing Collisions
Rear-End Collisions
Illinois Car Accidents
Missouri Car Accidents
Uninsured-Underinsured Motorists
Wrongful Death

Generally, an injured person must file their lawsuit within 5 years of sustaining the injury in Missouri. Oftentimes, an injury caused by a negligent party may not seem severe in the days after it is inflicted. But, it is still extremely important to contact a competent personal injury trial lawyer, like Michelle Funkenbusch, to discuss the possibilities of a case. If you do not seek proper medical attention and the competent counsel of a personal injury lawyer, you could be facing years of medical bills and pain… which could be prevented. You cannot assume the insurance company is going to pay what you deserve; they rarely do.

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